Learning from the Best

Today I have lunch with a dear friend who truly knows how to have a great family. I couldn’t wait to talk to her and learn from her.

Some families–like hers–truly delight in being together. They love to play games, read books aloud, make crafts, complete puzzles, and just be together.

I’m always out in the community. I’m always with other families, other children, and other moms. This has been a special calling in my life, but now–for this summer–I want to spend more time as a family.

I think God wants to teach me how. 

I realize I don’t have many more summers left alone with these girls. While it’s good and right to serve a community, sometimes I need to nestle in with my own little family and delight in them.

So I ask my friend, and she’s full of great ideas that cost almost nothing.

She knows how to bind books and design covers so my daughters and I can write together. She’s skilled in games of all kinds, and she wants to share her knowledge with me (I’m horrible at games! “You will learn,” she says calmly.) She can gather her family around and read amazing books to them, and even the teenager enjoys listening.

As I drive home, I realize that some activities in my home just don’t build family togetherness. I want togetherness.  

I love the word togetherness. This summer, that’s what I want most of all.

What’s your best advice for family togetherness? 

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  1. Hello Heather, remember me, Anthony the cashier? 🙂 I clicked on your link to the blog on my Facebook NewsFeed today.

    Heather, from just waiting on you numerous times at Giant, I could tell you were a wonderful and devoted mother to your girls. They always brightened my day when you'd bring them in. I'm sure you can find fun, creative things to do with the kids, as you have always come off as a fun and creative person. Maybe you can find a way to play Scrabble with them? It would be a great way to improve their spelling skills, just let them use words they know, and maybe you can teach them new ones.

    I miss you!!