Layer Up

On a cold day like today, with temperatures below 20 degrees and a wind chill that takes your breath away, I have no choice but to face my day with layers.  And I’m especially cold since I’ve barely recovered from my illness.

With tights, long johns, knee-high pink socks, black boots, wool skirt, wool sweater, wool jacket, hat, scarf, and mittens on, I walk around campus.  I’m cozy, tucked-in, secured like a newborn swaddled in quilts.

I’m actually a little warm.

Layering is the only way to survive the winter.  In fact, layering will always keep you warmer than a single heavy coat.  Layering acts like insulation on the body and slows the transfer of heat.  Heat trapped between clothing layers works as thermal insulation, and I stay warm all day. 

Layering my clothing to regulate body temperature made me seriously consider the concept of other forms of regulation.  Hasn’t my weight loss journey been about layering up my surroundings with good choices–veggies, then fruits, then whole grains, then lean proteins, then dairy?  Hasn’t my mood regulation been all about layering the day with good sleep, positive relationships, spiritual practices, and exercise?

I start the day, add layers of good things,  and eventually feel the warmth of thermal insulation protecting my mind and body from whatever comes against it.   Living with flair means I layer. 

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  1. Phillipians 4:9 tells me to consider the things about whatever is true, good, noble, right, pure, lovely and admirable.

    That's a layer that will keep me warm!

  2. As a MO transplant from the northern USA, I grew up layering – it is second nature. but to transmit that concept to my daily life and growth, whoa, that is a sweet segue. @Davie – very appropriate quote.

  3. I laughed reading this post because a good friend of mine just told me this quote that they say in Norway….”There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!” 🙂
    Miss you,