Keeping Traditions Even When They Grow Up

Today on a walk, I remember that for the past seven years, I’ve contributed the “Boo Platter” for the classroom Halloween parties. It was never anything special, but if you remember, the Boo Platter became a signature moment; the children begged for that Boo Platter each year. I laughed that while I wasn’t skilled in artistic design, I did know something about words. So I wrote “Boo” and filled in the fruit. That was me. Words. 


But now with one daughter in high school and one in middle school, the days of class parties, costume parades, and Boo Platters fade into the past.

I have a moment with myself—a sad little moment where I know that I lived once through a time now gone.

But I also realize that I can retain a bit of childhood even though no classroom needs the Boo Platter. Maybe I need it. So I create a miniature version (that’s nearly impossible to discern) for after school snack. It’s not my best work, but I know the word is in there.

So the Boo Platter hasn’t retired yet. And neither have I.


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