Just In Case

When my youngest daughter even thinks we might leave for a long outing, she gathers essentials just in case. 

She compiles all her jewels just in case a spontaneous fancy party invite comes her way.  She folds several sets of pajamas just in case an extended pajama party occurs.  As I try to put things away, she simply gathers more things just in case she meets new friends and needs to share stuffed animals or toys. 

I love the hopes and dreams of a child awaiting adventure.  She anticipates joy and prepares herself for it.

I want to prepare for joy.

Let’s gather some essentials just in case.

I’ll brew extra coffee.  I’ll clear the afternoon schedule.  What does it take to prepare for joy?  My Bible, my journal, my new pen?  Your sweet face across the table from me? 

How do you prepare for joy?

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0 Responses

  1. Love the sentiment here! What a refreshing perspective as opposed to one of an exasperated mom, telling her child for the umpteenth time not to get everything out at once, for goodness sakes, put stuff away!!!

    Not that I was ever that way…

    Thank goodness change is possible for us all.

  2. Heather,
    I usually don't comment, but I lately I have really enjoyed your posts.  Thank you:)
    I'm pondering the preparing.