It’s So Hard Not to Lift the Lid

Today I have my favorite crock pot recipe cooking happily along while I’m on campus. It’s pot roast with the packet of onion soup, some cream of mushroom soup, some liquid at the bottom like beef broth, and some carrots and onions. There’s nothing quite like coming home on a winter’s evening to a crock pot holding your delicious dinner.

It’s so good I’m not home because I’m terrible at leaving the crock pot alone. I lift the lid and stir things up just to make sure things are happening. I read that if you lift the lid on a crock pot, you add 15-20 minutes to the cooking time. So much heat escapes that you can really mess up your recipe if you keep peeking inside.

Oh, but I want to peek! I want to confirm that things are happening in there.

I remember that things are happening, and I can trust the process. I let things be in my own life, trusting that God is at work, when I cannot see ahead. And I remember that I learned this same truth back in 2010 when I made popovers in the dark inferno. You just have to trust. You can’t peek because being hidden is part of the recipe.


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