It Never Gets Old

The new semester begins, and I enter the room to greet a fresh group of students.  The magnificent people sitting there fill me with wonder each and every time.  What a privilege to meet them!  What a sacred vocation to teach!

It never gets old.  They take out pen and paper and write.  It starts again–this beautiful journey–where I ask them to walk, and I find them dancing. 

I sit behind the desk, and I gather their stories into my heart.  At this time in history, on this very day, I enter their story, and they enter mine. 

What a blessing to say a task “never gets old.”  Do you feel that way about your work?  Why or why not?

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0 Responses

  1. Could I distill your essence and multiply you times seven and have you sit behind the desk in every one of my son's classes?  Wow..what a privilege for the Nittany Lions to have you teach and guide them.

  2. There's something about the PROMISE of a new semester.  Like a brand new journal or the middle of a pretty morning.  Absolutely anything could happen.

  3. I started to work as a breathing therapist. To connect with your breath and thereby with your body is something that is new again and again – each breath you take is a gift of life.