It Doesn’t Look Like the Picture Says It’s Supposed To

My oldest wants to make a raspberry cheesecake.

No problem!  We have a cookbook for children that shows delightful pictures of perfect daughters pureeing raspberries and making lovely designs on their cheesecakes.

My daughters make a mess of a creation. At least the cheesecake is actually in the pie pan.  

My daughters say, “It’s our original design, Mom.”

It doesn’t look like the picture.  I have to remember that it won’t.

As the school year begins and I fret and am tempted to compare my children to everybody else, I will remember this picture and the cheesecake we made.  We are originals.  We won’t look like the picture I have in my head of what we’re supposed to be like.

Journal:  Do you struggle with things not looking like they are supposed to look? 

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