Intensive Care: A Lesson from Merlin the Cat

Our dear cat, Merlin, has vertigo from what the vet thinks is an ear infection. He can’t walk and just falls over to one side. He won’t eat. He won’t socialize. The vet gives us medication to heal him and help him eat, and then he provides the instructions for healing. 

We’re told to keep Merlin in a quiet, dark, comfortable area that’s safe from any intruders. We’re to provide delicious, enticing food along with refreshing water. We’re to deliver the medication he needs in an easy way. Even more, we’re to remove any obstacles that could cause him to fall or harm him. We stock a guest bathroom with everything Merlin needs.

His healing might take a week or two.

All day, I think about how relaxing it all seems as Merlin heals. Quiet, calm, comfort, nourishment, and all the love of a family. I used to learn all my healing lessons from our one-eyed cat, Jack, but Merlin’s been teaching me all about intensive care.

When we’re in a season of healing–for ourselves or others–I think about peace, nourishment, the removal of obstacles, and the blocking of intruders. I think about all the love and comfort needed that we can provide lavishly.

We follow our instructions for healing.

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