If You’re Bored: Homemade Bath Bombs!

I thought my days of summer crafts with my daughters were long gone. After all, the girls are 14 and 11. But it’s hot. And days get long. And they get bored.

Enter my friend Sue. My friend Sue sends me a link to DIY Lush Bath Bombs for teens, and we find ourselves loaded with new ideas for afternoon crafts. In fact, this whole website features projects for teens! I’m so excited! The homepage is http://diyprojectsforteens.com. I loved making these with my girls and their friends, and we wrapped the bath bombs in tissue paper with a bow to send home. They make great gifts!

We find all the ingredients we need at Wegmans (including the citric acid that they stocked near the canning section). For our molds, I ordered some from amazon.com for under 10$, but you can use your hands, a plastic fillable Christmas ornament, or anything else like candy molds. We had friends over to make our bath bombs, and we chose lavender, sweet orange, peppermint, and lemon for our scents. For our lemon bath bomb, we added lemon zest. We chose castor oil for our oil because of the skin health benefits.

After drying all day, the bath bombs were ready. I took the most wonderful lavender bath last night. My older daughter loves the sweet orange.


I think they look like little scoops of sherbet. Enjoy crafting with your teens!


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