Another Great Parenting and Coaching Question

I learn to ask this:

“If you imagine a picture of yourself at your happiest and most successful in school, what’s happening in that picture?”

It’s a question designed to help them understand themselves more, to help me understand them, and to help us all foster authentic goals for the future.

I’m shocked at what they report. Among various pictures I can share with you, some of the answers include presenting a difficult math solution in a group to the class. What? Huh? I had no idea that one of my daughters feels happiest and most successful in her math group.

Bring on the math group! Bring on the math friends! Let’s do math!

I ask the same question of friends and even myself. If you imagine a picture of yourself at your happiest and most successful, what are you doing? 

I’m shocked at what I report. I didn’t imagine myself at a computer keyboard as I wrote my next book. What came to mind is always people and more people–teaching, speaking, and encouraging others. That’s when I’m happiest and feel successful, so the question unearthed an interesting insight into my writing life: Writing is a means of connecting and encouraging others. 

Perhaps, in light of this new revelation, I might turn down writing projects that don’t allow me to teach, speak, and encourage. Bring on the new, clear projects! Bring me the people that need encouragement! Let’s do teaching and encouragement!

Ask your spouse or children. Ask your friends. Discuss. Enjoy!

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