I Refuse to Wear My Coat

Every single winter, my daughter insists she doesn’t need to wear her winter coat.  You’d be amazed at the resistance to outerwear from the children in my family. 

Today, I decide to just let her go.  She rushes outside in a tank top, shoes with no socks, and a flimsy sweater.  There’s snow on the ground from flurries; it’s that cold.  “See!  I told you I didn’t need a coat!  I’m fine!  I’m fine!”

A few minutes later, she returns to me, freezing.  

Does God just let me go sometimes so I finally feel the effects of my own wandering?  He stands there by the door, coat in hand, waiting for me to feel it and return.

Why don’t children want to wear that winter coat?

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  1. I had that battle with one son in particular, and as an adult he is still reluctant to wear a coat.  =)  I think it constricts their action too much for comfort.  And as a Southerner I can relate.  We rarely need to wear a real coat, just layers will do usually.  Especially when I get into the car in a coat I feel my movements are uncomfortably restricted.  the warmth of a sweater is welcomed, but somehow a coat is different.
    As for whether God lets us try our own wisdom, I think He does.  But as you observe He is always waiting for us to come admitting our need for His wisdom instead.