I Can’t Do Anything Today

The Italian Mama tells me this lesson that it took her 10 years to learn: “Don’t push yourself. You need to rest to recover. It’s a hard lesson to learn.” 

Recover! Rest! Don’t push!

After this past surgery and while I await the next one to remove this enormous kidney stone, I’m on this couch. I’ll watch Gilmore Girls. I’ll eat the food sent from neighbors. I’ll do nothing. I won’t even blog (well—I might blog).

Maybe we all need to rest to recover today.

PS: The angelic nurse who wheeled me into surgery could sense how nervous and scared I felt. She said something I cannot stop thinking about. She looked down at me and said, “Now, this is where I leave you. But you are in the Lord’s everlasting arms. He is carrying you now.” 

Maybe someone needed to read that.



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