I’m learning to accept reality and not push against what I cannot change. It’s liberating.

For example, I deeply value efficiency. But when you have a kidney stone and a stent in place, it’s not going to be a quick process. There’s surgery to remove the stone and then, a week or so later, another surgery to remove the stent. Meanwhile, you wait around for things like a surgery date. You take all the medication. You rest. Nothing feels efficient or productive. And you don’t feel like yourself. And because of the stress on hospitals and the health care workers from COVID-19, everything might be delayed.

What does it look like to work within this reality? I’m learning this: acceptance is a beautiful and powerful thing. This is what’s happening, and because of God’s sovereign care of my life, it’s exactly what’s supposed to happen. These things are, of course, difficult to believe, but when I just take each moment as it comes, it’s all OK. I look for the hidden blessing. I find the flair!

So right now, I’m thankful for the gifts of soup and sunflowers today from loving neighbors. I’m thankful for cats curled up, warm blankets, and sunshine filtering through golden autumn leaves. I’m thankful for television and TikTok and for my flexible students. I’m thankful for candles and hot showers and freshly made bread.

And if you ever have a very large kidney stone, I’ll know how to help you.

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