How You Know It’s Blogworthy

After two years of blogging at Live with Flair, I’m always looking for blogworthy material that I haven’t already used.

On the walk to school, the sweetest little second grade girl asks me what I’m going to blog about today.  I have my camera in my pocket, but I haven’t pulled it out yet.

“I don’t know.  I haven’t found it.”

She points out the blooming crocus.

Done that.

She points on the tiny pine trees emerging from the forest floor.

Done that.

She finally points to a tiny daffodil blooming by the school.

Done that.  But wait. . .  

“Come here!” she says, pointing and smiling.

I bend down, pull out the camera, and tell her she’s right.  She’s found the blog for today.  I wonder if she sees what I see:  tiny yellow daffodils beating the odds, pushing against the dark decay.

I see their little necks straining so hard.   I see a mother and a daughter, a father and a son, an adult and a child. I see a teacher and a student. I see hope and strength and victory.  I see neighbors and best friends and love and joy. 

What do you see?

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  1. please dont be concerned about having new material daily heather, what you offer bears repeating, it is so rich in its meaning, depth and beauty… as a teacher i am sure you know that repetition is one of  the greatest parts  of learning, thank you for your daily commitment to favorable influence with flair