How to Feed a Friendship

This morning, a mother mentions that she’s teaching her child how to “feed a friendship” in order for it to grow.

I think of that tiny seed of friendship–that little spark between people–that makes the heart cry out:  “I like you!  I want to spend time with you!  We are great together!”

The seed takes root, and then it needs to grow

You can feed a friendship in so many ways. I think of how children intuitively build friendships:  spending time together, exchanging notes and little gifts, talking on the phone, narrating experiences, and wanting to share clothes and dolls.  Some children build forts together, go exploring in the woods, or devise great adventures. At this age, friendship is most important.  When do we stop needing our friends?  Never.  I watch these children, and I remember to feed my friendships.

Journal:  What are some ways to feed a friendship?

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