How Not to Do It: My Attempt at Ice-Cream Cone Cupcakes

I tell my neighbor that my attempt to make ice-cream cone cupcakes by filling cones with cake batter and baking them failed miserably.  They exploded!  They made soggy cones!

I actually drive back to the grocery store to get ingredients to start all over again.  

“You didn’t fail,” my sweet neighbor says.  “Remember Edison?  He said he didn’t fail 1000 times.  He just now knows 1000 ways not to do it.  Now I know how not to do it.” 

I now know how not to make ice-cream cone cupcakes.

I turn, finally, to Betty Crocker who says to fill your muffin pan and bake the cupcakes with the ice-cream cone turned upside down on top.  I bake them for 15 minutes at 350 degrees, let them cool, frost them with white icing, add sprinkles, and finish them off with a cherry on top.

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes Before Baking

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

I love you, Betty Crocker.

I’m adding Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes to our list of favorites, right beside the Hamburger Cupcakes and the Green Apple Cupcakes

Have you learned ways not to do something? 

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  1. It has taken me half a century to learn so many ways NOT to live my life.  I still don't know how, but I'm learning from my mistakes some ways to avoid.  Love the Edison quote.  I'll tuck that away.