How It Hits You

I arrive to the woods at just the right time of morning for the sunlight.  The leaves pose for prayer.

I love this walk to school because of how the light illuminates everything. I see average things in new ways–the shadows, the sun’s rays, the greens, the yellowish undersides–because of timing. 

Just five minutes later, the magic is gone. The scene has changed that quickly. The sun that once brought so much pleasure now beats harshly on the path.

But for at least one moment, I saw something beautiful.

Timing matters. The same scene will look entirely different in just a few moments. The sun will set and rise, and what seems so banal in one big thicket now might just shimmer with joy by morning.

We just need right timing.

I think 8:15 is my favorite time of day!

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  1. I love this photo! Frequently the lighting changes in the time it takes for me to find my camera! But this week I managed a wonderful early morning shot of a white peony blossom that I'll use for my desktop for a while.