How Easy It Would Be

Tonight is Enchilada Night at our house. It’s not a fancy recipe, but it’s a great one. The hardest part is softening up the corn tortillas (either in oil or butter–not so healthy, I know). Then you roll them around refried beans, cooked ground beef, sautéed onion, and any kind of seasonings you like. I use enchilada sauce, cheese, and chives for the top. We serve this with a chopped salad and some rice.

The recipe isn’t the important part.

Right before I start cooking, I remember the family with the new baby down the street and another family with both parents working full work days (who we haven’t seen in weeks and weeks!). I realize how easy it would be for me to triple this recipe and spread the love around the neighborhood. It takes no time at all to roll a few more pans of enchiladas. I call both families and cry out, “Don’t make dinner! I’ve got the dinner!”

Two years ago, I might have blogged about the fact that I made a homemade meal at all. I was just learning how to live with flair. Last year, I would have celebrated doubling a recipe to bless someone else. This year?

I’m tripling the flair.

Maybe in 5 years I’ll buy a cart and walk up and down the street to dole out enchiladas. Who knows? When I’m willing to grow like this, anything is possible. Today, I thank God for new energy, new resources, new joy, and new ideas. And next year, I pray God quadruples them.

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  1. And I'm crying, thinking about how I keep putting off getting my flair on! You are inspiring!