Today, it’s just this word: heard.

I’m amazed at David’s statement in Psalm 6 that “The Lord has heard my cry.” Isn’t it astounding that we have a God who listens to us? So many times in the Psalms, we see the repetition of this: “The Lord has heard.”

If we knew that the Lord of the Universe was truly, truly listening to us, what would we say? Do we really believe He hears us and responds?

Today I remember the word heard, and I know that God is listening to the cry of my heart.

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  1. Heather, although I didn't have a copy of this with me, I shared at a small group meeting today. Most of us are older women, frustrated by our slow growth and not knowing if we have decades left to allow transformation to take place. In the settling gloom, I told them of your excitement and anticipation and how it lifted me. It changed everything 🙂