Great Things

I’m read a quote from missionary William Carey stated in 1842 : “Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God.”

Something about the quote resonates deeply because I realize how small and self-centered both my expecting and attempting remain. I feel the smallness in my soul.

So I felt a little stirring, another course correction, as I thought about the great things God is doing that aren’t just about me or my family. I remember what once thrilled my heart in Colossians 1 and the statement, “All over the world, the gospel is bearing fruit.” All over the world! God is doing amazing things! I get so excited and remember the power of God at work all over the globe. Great things are happening. Christian are attempting great, impossible things and seeing God move on their behalf all over the world.

I wish I could peer into the stories of great, global things; the gospel is bearing fruit in remarkable, astonishing, unfathomable ways. I think about global Christianity and about the rate of Christian conversions in Nepal, Yemen, China, or Cambodia. I think about the power of the gospel and this message of salvation that’s awaking souls in the thousands every day in Africa alone because of one name: Jesus Christ.

I worshipped with the whole world on this Sunday morning, and I remembered the great things God is doing outside of my own life’s experience.

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