God “Richly Provides All Things for Our Enjoyment”

Years ago, I took very seriously Paul’s promise to Timothy that God “richly provides all things for our enjoyment.”

The first part of that promise to Timothy in 1 Timothy 6:17 is about not putting hope in wealth that is so uncertain. God, not money, brings the pleasure and joy. At the time, I was nervous about my income. Could I really believe I didn’t need wealth to have enjoyment in my life?

Would God “richly provide all things” for my enjoyment? Even without wealth? Even without fancy things?

He has! He is!

I’m thinking about this Bible verse, and I notice a mother robin building a nest.  She’s just two feet away, right outside my window. She’s tucked into my weeping cherry, and I don’t think she can discern me through the window screen.

But I can see her perfectly.

My youngest shrieks with joy to see her. We press our faces against the window and marvel how she does it. The cats join us. It’s a hilarious scene: three cats (one missing an eye), two daughters, and a mother who feels like she’s won the lottery.

“She twisting and twisting the sticks!” “Look at her eyes!” “Look at her!”

We’re amazed at the technique. We’re captivated as if in front row seats at some expensive Broadway musical. We keep coming back to see her progress. We learn that tomorrow morning (after she’s feasted on as many worms as possible), she’ll lay eggs until around noon.

Then she’ll sit on her eggs for 12 days or so. Then, the chicks will hatch, and about 9 days later, they’ll fly from the nest. (Pictures coming! I didn’t want to disturb her yet!)

That’s what we do in May: we find nests and we observe. We love robins, northern cardinals, and blue jays. We especially love pileated woodpeckers. This is what we talk to the neighbors about.

It costs nothing, and we skip about the yard and nearby woods in glorious pleasure.

Thank you, God.
Have you found great pleasure in what costs nothing?

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  1. One year we were faced with trying to control runoff from a property being developed up hill from ours. It was frustrating and potentially very expensive to correct. Then I remembered seeing an exhibit on rain gardens and as I looked around our yard that spring, I saw many plants that could be divided and shrubs that had rooted branches. It was all provided!

    While we are enjoying the continued growth and beauty of that area, all around volunteers come up and plants need dividing and branches root and I continue to make gardens!

  2. I must tell you that there are morels popping out of the ground here. I really enjoy mushrooms but I just cannot bring myself to eat these – just something about them, like they are inside out!