Give Them Time to Unload

Today, my friend reminds me that I need to give my daughters time to unload the burdens of their day. They hold so much in, so at some point, they want to talk about everything.

This means I sit there, completely available to listen and support.

I don’t schedule anything but listening time.

I picture myself with open arms and ears in a ready position to receive their burdens. I’m not doing anything else but sitting there, inclined towards them, listening.

Can you imagine a friend taking you by the hand and saying, “I am going to listen to you for however long it takes for you to just unload whatever is on your mind today.”

A friend to receive all of my burdens? Someone with open arms to listen and support me? How wonderful!

I forget that God makes this offer to me daily. I forget that, as a mother, I unload my burdens into God’s great arms so I’m then positioned to help my children unload their burdens. Maybe I need to make this offer to others–expanding that mother’s heart outward–to ask if someone just needs to unload their burdens of the day.

Living with flair means just sitting there, listening.

Did you let someone unload their burdens on you today? Did you unload your burdens?

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