Gingersnap Tea and Almond Biscotti

Two days ago, I purchase mini almond biscotti for no reason at all.

You can’t just eat biscotti, you have to dip it in tea (at least that’s how I do it since I don’t like coffee in the afternoon).  So if you have biscotti, you simply must have tea.

If you have tea, you must put on your little tea kettle to boil water.

If you put on your little tea kettle, you might as well pull out your good china tea cups and a little serving tray.

And if you do this, you might just start speaking in a British accent and insist to your family that it’s tea time.

Soon, everyone might be dipping almond biscotti in gingersnap tea, and suddenly, it’s a wonderful afternoon.

Are you an afternoon tea drinker?

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  1. I would like to be and afternoon tea drinker! I have friends who tell me they do this and it sounds lovely for a darkening afternoon. I might just try to find almond biscotti and gingersnap tea; these favorite flavors would be a lovely party. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I am an all day tea drinker – usually a double cup with one plain green tea and one pomegranate/cranberry flavored green tea (lipton) for sipping in the morning – and then a decaf green tea in the afternoon. Or Trader Joes has the most delightful pomegranate white tea that is delish!

  3. I believe I bought the very same mini biscotti on the same day you did! Just had some tonight with decaf.

    Afternoon tea time and its more southern cousin, siesta, are such perfect ways break up the afternoon when you start to drag. Too bad we Americans largely have abandoned these wonderful traditions from the old countries. When I retire, I vow to reinstate tea time and/or siesta in my home (which will be a cedar shake cape cod in the dunes with a writing room overlooking the beach and two golden retrievers scampering around me all day long until siesta time…)