Giant Frozen Colored Ice Balls on My Lawn

We wake up to giant frozen colored ice balls on the lawn. We love them! They’re beautiful! Some creative and whimsical person (was it you?) decorates the front yard with them in the night all stealth-like.

After pondering these lovely orbs, we reason that someone filled a balloon with colored water, froze it, and then removed the balloon.

I love my new and unexpected decorations. I feel the same way I did when the Fudge Fairy delivered mysterious fudge to my doorstep four winters ago (was that you?) or when the Elves decorated the little pine tree in the woods (Maybe I had something to do with that. Don’t tell.) Or what about when someone planted tulips on the barren path? (We still don’t know you).

Thank you, Mysterious, Creative, and Whimsical people who perform in secret.

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  1. I love that you have mysterious, creative and whimsical people in your life and that you share all their wonderful ideas; thanks!