Forced to Receive

At precisely 2:35 PM today, the sky tears open and pours out the hardest rain.  It’s so loud in my car that I can’t hear the radio.  It’s so heavy that both sides of the streets fill up with enormous puddles that rise up like waves around passing cars.  I’m parking to then go walk to the school doors to retrieve my children.

Of course I have no umbrella. 

I’m standing there, soaking wet in the storm.  It’s refreshing and rather funny to see all the Unprepared Ones sheepishly standing there in front of the school doors.  It’s even more funny to see the Prepared Ones with their huge umbrellas, gathering us to their sides.  My friend graciously agrees to stand there with me to escort my family to our car.

I’m Unprepared and I’m forced to receive from the Prepared. 

We gather side by side and make up for what we lack.  We stand there under a dark and threatening sky, and the whole thing just makes me smile. Sometimes, it’s good for the soul when it’s forced to receive. 

Have you been forced to receive by circumstances lately? 

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