For Cryin’ Out Loud!

My gentle Buddhist neighbor accompanies us on the journey to school this morning.  He walks behind my friend and me and tries to point out all the beautiful budding trees.

But my friend and I stay arm-in-arm, heads buried down, discussing all our parenting woes.  We’re totally engrossed in our own problems.

“For cryin’ out loud!” the gentle Buddhist screams.  “Pay attention!” 

We stop in our tracks and burst out laughing.  He’s pointing up to the tree above us (the one we nearly missed because of our conversation). 

For cryin’ out loud!  There’s a beautiful day out here, and I’m missing it when I’m too absorbed in my problems.

It felt so nice to have someone remind me to “pay attention” today!  Did you pay attention today?  

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  1. On Sunday, I drove 2 legs of dog transport with a mama GSD and her nine puppies. On the way, I noticed the redbuds and white dogwoods liberally sprinkled in the trees lining the freeway. The new grass and crops were so green and purple they virtually glowed. Beautiful tree!