For Best Results

I’ve been cleaning the grout on my kitchen floor all day long. With an aching back and knees, I take a hot bath with some fancy bubble bath that’s supposed to soothe everything with lavender and chamomile.

I turn the bottle around, and it says in bold print, “For best results, breathe deeply.”

I sink down and breathe deeply.

I’m soaking and talking to God all about the day, thanking Him for the New Day that tomorrow represents–that day in history that changed everything. I’m considering the meaning of Jesus’s blood and that final blood sacrifice for sin. We’re truly free–once and for all–from sin’s dominion. We are prisoners set free.

I’m breathing deeply of these spiritual truths. I’m so thankful for time away by myself to talk to God, reflect, and marvel. Outwardly, I’m wasting away with these joints, but inwardly, I’m renewed. I’m ready for Easter in my heart. There’s a way, in years past, that I missed Easter because I didn’t take the time in my own mind for it.

For best results, breathe deeply.

I love Easter!

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  1. Love this post. It is a little fun, very sweet, spiritual, and much needed. Thank you