Flimsy and Unsturdy

Today my youngest and I search for nests and find new Robin, Sparrow, and even Mourning Dove homes.

The Mourning Dove nest troubles us. It simply can’t be true that such a flimsy and unsturdy collection of twigs serves as a home. It does. The babies will find warmth in their parents and not in any insulated nest. 

We’re also troubled by the lurking chipmunk who will perhaps destroy these  nests. 

Mourning Dove Nesting
Chipmunk Prowling Near Eggs
Newly Discovered Robin Eggs
Sparrow Nest, Freshly Built

We consider all the ways to construct and then settle into a life. And we note the lurking danger and pray for courageous and assertive parents that protect eggs and nests so loosely attached. 

Some will succeed, and some won’t. It all seems so fragile! How do any of us survive at all? What a miracle to be here, to have hatched, and then to fly. 

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