Finally Accepting God’s Boundary Lines for Your Life

All week, I’ve considered how beautiful it is to finally surrender to the limits of your own life.  You stop resisting.  You stop wishing for a different life.  You stop living in an imaginary future.

Instead, you look at all the perfect boundary lines in your life.  You thank God for the places He never let you go and for the people He never let you marry.  You rejoice with every single rejection because time always shows you a Divine Hand of protection and guidance.  You giggle with joy over every thing you wanted that God withheld because you know by now that He sees what you don’t see.  

You actually even come to the point of celebrating emotional, physical, intellectual, financial, and relational limits.  Why?  Why could you?

It’s because you know God, and you know what He’s up to. 

You begin to realize that limits breed innovation and creativity.  They usher in freedom and joy as you relax into the borders God places.  They are good!  They are perfect!

Most of all, limits protect and nurture you.  

You read Psalm 16 again and thank Him that “the boundary lines for [you] have fallen in pleasant places; surely [you] have a delightful inheritance!”  You finally understand that God has “hemmed [you] in, behind and before” (Psalm 139) because He knows exactly what He’s doing for our good and His glory.

Living with flair means we thank God for all our limits.  We accept them and let Him work.

What personal limitation have you finally thanked God for?

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  1. Heather, the only singular negative comment that I ever could have about your blog is that there is just TOO much good stuff coming at me day after day that I don't have the opportunity to savor posts as much as I ought.

    You are a light and a gem!  Love your posts so much!