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My neighbor tells me that a little mouse is wintering in the sandbox by her woodpile.  Her daughter discovered him yesterday when she lifted the sandbox lid to play.

Little Mouse in his Winter House

The little mouse (who looks just like Mousekin from Mousekin’s Golden House) has built himself a cozy nest of leaves and twigs to prepare for winter.

A Mouse’s Winter Nest

All of a sudden, I’m brought back to the wonder of that childhood story:  the tiny mouse survives the harsh winter by building the warmest nest.  The snow and ice come, but Mousekin snuggles deep inside his winter home.

As a child, I loved the comfort of it all.   I thought about being that small against the enormity of winter.  With warmth, protection, and the feast of decaying pumpkin (or seeds and bark in this case), the mouse has more than enough. 

My neighbor invites us all over to peek in on our own Mousekin.   Winter doesn’t discourage the little mouse.  He’s plump, glossy, bright-eyed, and busy.   Something about that little mouse just delights me.  With such fine accommodations, this mouse will enjoy the winter.   He has everything he needs.

And for the moment, so do I.

As winter comes, I’m so thankful for the basic gifts of warmth, shelter, and food.  Who in my community needs more of these things? 

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  1. What a great picture of mousekin!  It is such a delight to have a furry friend remind us of the essentials during this holiday season!