“Every experience God gives us. . . is the perfect preparation for a future only He can see.”–Corrie Ten Boom

I love thinking about everything that has happened to me–and everything that will happen to me–as “perfect preparation” for the future in store for me. It’s so hopeful and comforting!

I know this to be true already (although I couldn’t have seen it back then!). I think of how particular kinds of suffering were “perfect preparation” for the ministry I now have. Even my own embarrassing failures that I thought I’d never recover from were “perfect preparation” for my storehouse of wisdom I can pass on to my children. 
What is this thing happening to me? Well, it’s perfect preparation for a future I cannot see. 
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  1. Thinking long and hard about you gentle exhortation.

    So true that all experience comes with purpose and is part
    of a plan from God who sees around every curve, even when what happens
    blindsides us.

    So hard to dry tears on some days and step one foot in front
    of the other – other days, taking even the next breath seems impossible.

    But what of the golden, glorious days when sun and fresh air
    seem to bubble over every moment? They are as much a light and guide – remembering all that God gives as He walks us through fire and water. (Isaiah 43)

    So easy to forget. Thanks for the reminder.