Don’t Forget to Convalesce

Years ago, a nurse told me that the day you feel better after an illness is the day you should get back in bed.

“But I feel better,” I explained.

“You need one more day.”

I learn that folks make the mistake of diving back into life too quickly after an illness. They forget to convalesce. Convalesce–a great verb–means to recover one’s health and strength after an illness. In fact, there’s a whole protocol for convalescence after stomach bugs. For several days, you eat only certain foods to allow the body to slowly recover. For several days, even when you feel good again, you must rest.

You’re convalescing. That’s the work you’re doing.

Living with flair means you don’t forget to convalesce after illness of all varieties. When you take spiritual, emotional, or physical hits, you must convalesce. Take another week if you have to. You’re recovering.

My recipe for convalescence includes jello and crackers! 

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