Does Losing Sleep Also Make You Crazy?

I know the thing that makes me the worst version of myself.

Lack of sleep.  Simple.

It’s so hard to believe the truth, to stay positive and peaceful, and to rise above our circumstances when we are just plain tired.  Am I right? 

A wise woman once said to me, “Heather, sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do for yourself is take a nap.”  Sometimes I wonder if depression in caregivers directly relates to lack of sleep. 

I need a nap.  One daughter successfully fought her virus, but the other vomited all over both beds and all the towels last night.  I told my friend in the parking lot this morning that I’m on my last load of vomit laundry.  I laughed.  Inside I was crying.

She said that would make a great blog title:  The Last Load of Vomit Laundry

Sleeping remains my singular goal today (besides comforting, hydrating, and nourishing sick children).  Living with flair means we recognize how sleep deprivation can keep us from living with flair. 

Journal:  What happens to you when you lose sleep?

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  1. IMHO, as a culture here in the USA, we devalue sleep. We see it as a sign of weakness when we should see it as a chance to re-power ourselves, to rejuvenate. I hope you got some good sleep today. Working nights with 15-18 hounds at home (and I mean the kind that BAY), once in a while, I grab a motel room and threaten the front desk with bodily harm if they wake me (not really – only in my sleep deprived mind). It helps both me and my legs :). Of course, I watch “Animal Planet.” HA.

  2. I recently watched a documentary about dreams. Apparently, if someone consistently experiences negative emotions or situations in dream sequences, it can cause depression. Sleep is necessary for life–but dreams? I wonder…

  3. O.K., I love that title: The Last Load of Vomit Laundry! Sounds like something from Erma Bombeck! We miss you. Hope the girls are feeling better! Love you.