Dirty Kitchens and Unmade Beds

Today, I write for three hours straight. I don’t empty the dishwasher, make beds, or think about what I’m going to make for dinner.  

Something has to fall by the wayside to make room for art.

I remember Annie Dillard’s wonderful quote about writing. She writes:

“Let the grass die. I let almost all of my indoor plants die from neglect while I was writing the book. There are all kinds of ways to live. You can take your choice. You can keep a tidy house, and when St. Peter asks you what you did with your life, you can say: I kept a tidy house. I made my own cheese balls.” 

I think about dirty kitchens and unmade beds today. I don’t want to come to the end of my life and say I didn’t write what I was supposed to write because I kept a really clean house and made excellent cheese balls instead.

I think about cheese balls as I’m writing this very sentence with a sink full of breakfast dishes to clean!
Did you make time for creativity today?



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  1. Great quote! Think I'll print it out and leave it where my husband can see it (to the left of the dirty dishes :o)