Daily Flair: “I’d Find the Cream.”

On Fridays, my daughter gets to choose a treat after preschool. Since I was going to the grocery store to find some wrapping paper for a gift, she said she’d like a doughnut from the bakery there.

“And it has to have cream inside,” she said, very seriously, her finger pointed into air.

“Why cream?” I asked, turning down the radio. Kate’s a philosopher, and I didn’t want to miss her insight, especially since I still hadn’t experienced my flair moment for the day.

“Because it makes it so good.”

“Well, what if you pick a doughnut that doesn’t have cream inside?” I wondered, equally seriously.

“I’d find the cream,” she shrugged with her palms upturned.

“What if there’s no cream?” I asked.

“Then I’d find a new doughnut.”

She folded her hands and looked peacefully out the window, assured that the cream was out there, somewhere, and she would find it.

On the flair meter, this statement ranked high for me. It represents an uncompromising commitment to persevere to find what the heart wants. So often we settle. So often we compromise. I thought of Thoreau’s quote: “I want to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life.”

Living with flair means I find what’s so good about everything. And if it’s not there, I find a new doughnut.

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