Clearer Vision of What’s Been There All Along

On the walk to school, I point out in amazement all the blue jays and finches. They fly in and out of the bare tree branches. It’s freezing; I have my mittens on and my hood pulled tightly around my face.  Yes, a new season has come.

“Look! Isn’t it amazing?” I pause and ask the other adults why the blue jays come out like this every autumn. “It’s so strange! It’s so wonderful!”

One of them replies, “They are always here. You just can’t see them like this when the trees have all their leaves.”

I look up into the bleak and empty sky, into the diminished trees, and I realize that some things we can only perceive in just these conditions.

Once again, I know that seasons that come at us harsh and empty and frozen around the edges offer us a clearer vision of what’s been there all along.

It was a cold and beautiful walk.

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  1. They may have been there, but the Blue jays only come round and “chat” about the birdbath this time of year. Snowbirds arrived over the weekend, no doubt hurried along on the fierce winds. I love the changing view!