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Simple Garden Plan

At the last minute today—right as we chose our golden marigolds for our front bed by the ginkgo tree—we decided we do, after all, want

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Just Because You Can

I often read posts about how great new technologies are and how they’ll maximize our productivity and allow us to do more and more and

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Things I’m Learning About Trauma

This summer—for the next 6 weeks—I’m earning a certification in Trauma-Informed Pedagogy for Higher Education. Technically, the title is this: Certificate in Building Resilience through

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Against All Hope

I’m standing there, pruning my plumcot tree, and behold! I see an actual baby plumcot! It’s the size of a large, green olive. I cannot

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Take Away Half

My pruning knowledge continues to increase. Now that I have two plums and a new peach tree, I need to learn expert pruning techniques. I

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Perfect Little Lilac

Every day, find something lovely to observe. It’s so good for you to do this. My lovely thing? This perfect little lilac. It’s over 20

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