Caramel Apples Rolled in. . . Everything

If you want to make awesome caramel apples with your friends (our Autumn tradition), you need 4 things:

1. Caramel (of course)
2. Granny Smith apples (so tart and crisp)
3. Chopsticks (sturdy)
4. Every delicious thing in your pantry to roll the caramel apples in (nuts, crushed cookies, chocolate chips).

Let’s begin:

First, wash small Granny Smith apples and jam half a chopstick in each one where the stem would be. You can buy bags of cheap chopsticks at the grocery store (and you can reuse these each year). You can also use craft sticks.

Then, prepare plates with all your favorite toppings. We used nuts, crushed chocolate cookies, and mini chocolate chips.

Unwrap your caramels and melt them with 2 tablespoons water.

Invite each guest to dip her apple in your pot. Pull the apple straight up and let the excess caramel drip off.

Gently roll the caramel apple in your topping.

Young and older alike made a tray of caramel apples. You want to put a piece of wax paper on a tray, spray it with cooking spray (or butter it), and let these apples harden in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to an hour.

These weren’t perfect, but they were so good. 

Enjoy caramel apples this month!

Have you tried caramel apples before? Many of our guests last night never had! There’s a first time for everything, right?

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  1. I recently saw online an idea to cut the apple into pieces and then dip in the caramel. I'm excited to try it sometime because I've always been disappointed by the caramel to apple ratio of traditional ones.