Can You Guess?

I’m watching this plant every day now. Can you guess what it will bloom into?

Answer: This one will blossom as a glorious sunflower.

I want to harvest the seeds at the end of the summer.

What about these?

These are my absolute favorite (don’t tell the Sunflower).  

Answer: Raspberries!

I will make more raspberry sorbet and deliver it to the Italian Mama.

We have no harvest yet, but we have signs and a whole lot of hope. Living with flair has something to do with tending things. It has much to do with anticipation. I love that particular emotion. Anticipation means we’re beating the odds; this harvest is going to come. It’s happening, folks. We’re just waiting.

Don’t you love anticipation?

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  1. How wonderful Heather.  I remember raspberries from my Aunt's garden in Ohio.  She had wonderful rows of beautiful red raspberries.  My cousin and I were sent out to harvest them.  However, many more ended up in our tummies than in our baskets!  Love the pictures and your sharing!  God's blessings today!