Can a Small Adaptation Make You Happy?

As you know, we walk a mile to school every day.  I walk a mile to school and back every day.  As the weather dips below freezing into the single digits, I used to get grumpy about this.  I’d dread leaving my house to fight the bitter cold.

A Winter Coat! 

Not anymore. 

The Italian Mama alerts me last week to a sale on winter coats.  With my Christmas money in hand, I find a coat that promises to keep me warm.  I find one that will “keep me warm down to -15 degrees.”  It’s water resistant, has a “storm shield,” and features deep pockets for my cell phone and camera (for all my outdoor photography sessions). 

Suddenly, my circumstances are no longer a problem.  In fact, I love this coat so much that I race outside each morning and tell all the neighbors how warm I am.  “I’m just wearing a t-shirt underneath this!” I cry out.  I think I actually skip part of the way down the hill. 

Living with flair means I embrace adaptations when my external circumstances cannot change.  I think about the supplies I need to endure and thrive. 

Bundling Up

It might be as simple as a warm coat. 

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  1. My best winter find after buying an acreage for my horses (who have moved on) was finding a Carthart coverall in PETITE. Not fashionable but hey, it spells warm. Amazing how just the right “tool” makes such a difference.

  2. The Scandanavians say, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices.” Yay for you to set a great example to your kids and keep moving even when its cold outside.

  3. I have always been creaky-cold in winter, feeling chill down into the marrow of my bones.

    Then…I found a leather coat with a thick fuzzy lining at Goowill.

    It has changed my life. Yes, this small adaptation has made me happy–even giddy! I love your exclamation, “I'm just wearing a t-shirt underneath this!” I could get by with that, too. It's *that* warm!

    My leather coat was as life-changing for me as your beautiful, puffy coat with deep pockets has been for you.