By the Time You Read This, I’ll Be Exhausted

I’m writing this on Friday for tomorrow’s post because I’ll be camping with the youth group! I’m a parent volunteer on their camping trip. Yes, you may laugh. No, I didn’t wear my pearls (well, I did wear my pearl earrings, just no necklaces). Yes, I agreed to stay in an actual tent. Yes, I brought coffee.

Yes, I’m afraid, and I have many friends praying I will survive the night.

I’ll report back Sunday, but meanwhile, please pray for High-Maintenance Me.

As I write this, I remember with joy and thanksgiving every youth group leader / parent that drove me in a church van, talked to me about God, listened to my incessant talking, answered my questions, played messy and ridiculous games with me, introduced me to great music, showed me a different way to live, and loved me exactly how I was.

I think about all those youth group leaders who spent time with me when nobody else would, who lost sleep for me, slept in strange places for me, fed me, drove me, paid my way, and endured the rain for me.

They did it once for me. I’m praying God gives me the strength to be just like them.

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