Bravery and Kindness: What it Takes to Be Together

I’m asking the children in my neighborhood what role they play and have played in building our neighborhood community.

I’m also interviewing them about what makes it hard to form communities.  

I realize that every single member matters–even the toddlers–when it comes to creating a neighborhood.  These little ones have wisdom I can glean. 

I start with my own daughters.  “What is your role here?”

The oldest says she’s a “Fitness Team Leader” because she hosted the neighborhood basement fitness groups and encouraged her friends to come to Monday Night Fitness group in the parking lot.

My youngest says her role is simply showing up to play.

Leading and participating both matter.

“Why is it so hard for some neighborhoods to come together as a community?” I ask.

The oldest says, “You have to be brave.  You have to get over insecurities and confront any bullies.  You also have to be kind.  That’s why it’s hard for people.” 

Kind and brave.   Living with flair means we move out into our neighborhoods with bravery and kindness.

What makes it difficult for people to devote themselves to a neighborhood in this generation?

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