Better, Greater, or Otherwise Different

Today, is a special day.  It’s going to better than, greater than, or otherwise different from all the others.  That’s what special means:  better, greater, or otherwise different. 

When life catches up to me in a collision of stress, uncertainty, or exhaustion, I truly need a special day to recharge.  Do you? 

Otherwise different for me means one thing:  solitude.  

I’m an off-the-charts extrovert.  I’ve never played solitaire.  I write novels to invent more people to spend time with.  Even when I’m blogging, children run circles about me while I’m texting friends. 

So I arrange six hours of solitude in a little prayer cabin in the woods today. 

I really did.  Me!  Alone for six hours in a tiny cabin by a stream. 

I have a journal, a pen, a Bible, snacks, coffee, more coffee, and of course, leftover Chinese food.  I might lose my mind with all this time alone.  Either that, or I’ll meet with God in the refreshing solitude of an otherwise different day.

I’ll report back on my adventures in solitude.

What would better, greater, or otherwise different be for you?  

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0 Responses

  1. Enjoy your solitude!  I'm praying that your meeting with God makes this an very special otherwise different day.

  2. I am such the oppostie! A very different day for me would be meeting people for lunch, going with a group somewhere, attending an evening function where I practice small talk; much easier for me to stay home with the dogs, read, pray, blog and watch films on my iPad.
    I can be silent for days at a time…no TV, no radio; just me, the dogs and yes, God :). 

  3. Sounds heavenly! Can't wait to hear how it went. Thanks again for your sweet encouragement! I love you!

  4. I'm back, and it was wonderful!  I even took an hour hike deep in the woods by a mountain! 

  5. Oh, Roberta!  We are truly opposite!  I cannot imagine being silent for days!  No TV or radio!  Would you ever write a memoir about your life?  Have you already?