Around the Garden

It’s been cool and rainy here in the garden. Here’s the report: The climbing roses smell so sweet, and I’m happy to announce the blackberries and raspberries are coming in nicely. The pumpkin patch and miniature watermelons are my most novel and exciting additions to the garden this year. With joy, I recently discovered the first signs of bright pumpkins growing. In October, we’ll have so many pumpkins to display around the house.

With the plum trees, it’s a long waiting game. Years shall pass, and one day, the fruit will come. That’s how it is with fruit trees. I’ve started pruning a peach tree I grew from an old pit I put in my pocket when I was standing in the Peach Orchard at Gettysburg. The battleground was covered with old pits, and I wondered about propagation. Would it grow? It did! It did! This is probably illegal, and I confess my sin now. I’ll surrender the tree if I must.

I am also proud to report I’m on day 6 of trying to root a gardenia cutting, month 4 of keeping a fig tree alive, and year year 5 of tending to the lemon tree Kate grew from seed. In the winter, I’ll bring these last three inside, but I’ll leave the peach tree outdoors to harden over the winter.

Can you imagine the day when I post a picture of a bowl full of peaches, plums, figs and lemons? Can you imagine the day when I’ll smell that gardenia? Gardening keeps hope alive in my soul. One day, I’ll harvest.

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