Add In Rest Hour

After all these years, I still run my summers like I’m a counselor at Camp Greystone. I absolutely love the structure of a summer camp schedule. I do this for myself, but I invite my whole family to join in to whatever I have planned for the summer camp day. I did this when my girls were little, and they laugh about how, even now, our house runs like camp.

If you have trouble organizing your summer days, run it like you’re at camp. Wake up, raise the flag, make your bed, and enjoy a great cup of coffee and breakfast. Then, create your Morning Assembly time: spend an hour for morning devotions; listen to inspiring music; pray. Then, start your Schedule of Activities for the morning. Consider walking, baking, reading, writing, sewing, or anything you can think of to work on a skill or get some exercise. Then, it’s time for a great lunch.

After lunch, don’t forget about Rest Hour. During Rest Hour, you lounge on your bed; you write letters, you read; you nap. I loved Rest Hour at camp so much. It’s a wonderful time of quiet reflection.

Then, you enjoy afternoon activities: hiking, swimming, gardening, or work responsibilities. You want to grab a snack sometime in the afternoon and enjoy a clean-up time before getting ready for your evening. Of course, when you’re working a 9-5 job like my daughters, you only join in with the early morning, dinner, and post dinner events if you wish. Dinner involves something to look forward to, and you can take your time making it. After dinner, there’s always an Evening Program. I love to pop popcorn for a movie night or go on a long walk. Everyone can join in, but I’m also loving planning the Evening Program for my husband or just my friends.

Hop into bed by 10:00. Imagine the sound of taps playing. Tomorrow, you’ll have another great day.

Most of all, consider adding in Rest Hour to your day.

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