Amazing Valentine Cookies

I approach the table of snacks, and I see that a mother (Laurie) has made the most beautiful Valentine’s cookies.  I do not want to eat them; I want to photograph them!

Amazing Valentine Cookies

Boring square cookies transform into romantic letters sealed with wax:

A Letter From an Admirer?  

Heart-shaped confections display icing dotted and adorned with tiny roses; a whimsical chocolate heart tempts me with that frosting made to resemble a Valentine’s puzzle.

Puzzle Heart Made from Leftover Icing

I love that God makes people who can do things like this.  Not everyone creates the same kind of flair; I know I could never design such cookies.  But someone else did, and I’m so glad.  The children felt special as they ate such treats.  The took their time about it.

I realize that when we observe (and make) beautiful things, we begin to take our time.  We slow down and savor.  

Living with flair means we embellish things–turning the ordinary into art–for others to enjoy.  It slows us down.

Journal:  What ordinary object or activity can I turn into “art” today? 

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  1. I like this. I'm happy when I embellish my writing – I love lettering, calligraphy, etc. – the visual word made appealing to the eye. I never thought about it but I do find a sense of satisfaction in taking my time to make something beautiful. I often find myself praying as I make cards for someone. Good stuff!

  2. Making even plain old cookies is a challenge for me, so I, too, am glad that there are other people in this world who like to do this! They are different and lovely.

  3. My home has turned into a dog house over the years. It is not very pretty anymore but this year, it will be. I find flair in cleaning…when something is clean and smells good, I rejoice. It is hard as the mud is tracked right back in, the paper still piles up but I leave empty space to enjoy..since it is so rare.
    The cookies are utterly lovely, My mom decorated cakes. She enjoyed the art and challenge.