Always Seeking to Bless

It might be folding the laundry, making dinner, or speaking an encouraging word. In your little corner, it might mean a cheerful disposition, being a good listener, or asking how you might help someone else, in any way that person needs. 

You might bless through laughter, through imparting wisdom, through a gift chosen with love, wrapped carefully, and presented secretly. You might ask, with every intention, “Will this bless others?” 

I think carefully about a wise pastor’s words about God blessing us to be a blessing to others. He shared the difference between the vibrant Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. One gives and nourishes, constantly refreshing everything around it, and one only receives what empties into it. It nourishes nothing, cultivates nothing, flows to nothing. It’s a Dead Sea. 

Let me be a sea of blessing wherever I am. 

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