All the Verbs We Never Use

I’m not sure why, but I rarely find students using verbs that start with the letter B. I check. I do. It’s a strange phenomenon (both the lack of B verbs and my checking up on this).

We must banish this discrimination and beckon beautiful B verbs! A student delights me with a sentence in which bewitch wins out over enchant or entrance, deceive or seduce.

The B verbs! I’m now motivated to excavate the C and the D verbs, chained and denounced, that we’ve long forgotten. What about F? Furnish me. I’m tired of the same old verbs, said the same old ways. 
Some estimate the English language holds within its mines hundreds of thousands of sparking verbs. 
The thought alone enraptures. 
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  1. Bedeck, bejewel, banter, bask, betray, bethroth.

    Now I can't think about anything else!