All It Takes

Sometimes we can all get caught up in our work and feel the weight of unbalanced living. You don’t quite know when it happens, but all of a sudden you feel completely disconnected from your community.

Over the past 10 years, I know what that can feel like. You just get caught up. You just forget the priorities that once made you feel so right and good and balanced and energized.

My wise friend arrives to my house this morning with her three children (including one toddler and a baby!) to walk to school. She’s in the middle of a job search, a dissertation, and grading. She’s in the middle of parenting. She’s in the middle of marriage and housework and research and every other thing!

But she walks. She walks this morning with me.

We walk to school and back, talking about work and writing and how little it takes to make us feel disconnected. It feels so great to talk again and to share our lives on the mile to school and on the mile back.

We tell our souls again: You have to take the time to connect again. It doesn’t have to be for hours and hours. But you have to connect to community again. 

Sometimes a little walk to school is all it takes to remember you’re in community with people. I might not see my neighbor for a while, and I have my own set of deadlines, but sometime soon, we’ll walk and talk again.

A walk is all it takes.

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