Aggressive Strategy

I find a book on my shelf called Yes, You Can! 1,200 Inspiring Ideas for Work, Home, and Happiness. A friend gave me this book years ago, and I skim for wisdom and inspiration. 

I find three sentences I like: 
“Develop a concrete plan for recovery soon after adversity strikes. Win the battle by committing yourself to an aggressive strategy for overcoming hardship. Find the opportunity that adversity always presents.”

Something about immediately moving to a recovery plan, an “aggressive strategy” for moving on, and an invitation to find opportunity actually motivates me when I think about any kind of setback or challenge. Instead of wallowing and doing nothing but waiting for the tide to turn somehow, I like thinking about plans and strategies and opportunity. 

I like the invitation to act aggressively to the same extent the adversity seems aggressive against me. 

Such advice can get us unstuck, perhaps. It keeps us fighting and moving and hoping. 

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